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Contact Us for Nikah online

If you are Searching for Competent Court marriage Lawyer Contact Us for Nikah online we may Conduct your online Nikah, on a very short Notice, even of a few Hours. You have to Send us Your Id Cards, Passport Copies and Cell Numbers+Addresses with Charges. Contact Us for Nikah online

Nikah online on phone is valid and Legal as per Muslim Family Laws & Rules of Pakistan, acceptable now for Muslim scholars all over the world. Nikah conducted by us even on Phone will be Sharie and as per islamic rules. Our Nikah registrar has been  appointed by the Government, Nikah register provided to him is Stamped and issued by the Concerned Authorities as such we will provide legal and valid Nikah Nama registered by Competant Nikah registrar with all Further Documentations. There will be no difference between usual nikah nama and the same when provided by us after conducting the same online. Rember we are the pioneers in the field and idea was unique invention of our think tank. We are the sole Providers of valid Nikah Documentats with authanticated Translations and attestations from NADRA+Forign Office+Concerned Embassy etc. Be carefull to consult a firm for your online nikah assignment, some non professional Peoples are trying to pose themselves as providers of Nikah on Phone services by theft of our Idea and Procedure, some of them even illegally copied our Text from our site and advertised the same as their own. We are a Public Limited Company and incorporated as such with the SECP Govt. of Pakistan. All of our Members/Lawyers are Dully Qualified and Licensed Advocates, having vast experience in this field.

Contact Us for Nikah online

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