Documents Required

Documents Required for Nikah Online

Documents Required for Nikah Online

Documents Required for Nikah Online

About Nikah Online

Court Marriage Nikah Online. Nikah conducted by Lawvision (Pk) even on Phone will be legal. Sharie and as per islamic rules. We are a competent Lawyer Firm for Court marriage Nikah Online. Our Nikah registrar has been  appointed by the Government. Nikah register provided to him is Stamped and issued by the Concerned Authorities. as such we will provide legal and valid Nikah Nama. registered by Competant Nikah registrar. with all Further Documentations including Nadra Computerised Nikah Registration certificate. Translation. There will be no difference between usual nikah nama and the same when provided by us after conducting the same online.

Securing Ideantity

As we have to Conduct your Nikah online. law vision Pvt. Ltd. required to secure your identity.  to insure we are dealing with the right persons for nikah online on phone or on video. also we have to enter your particulars during the course of your marriage in the Nikah Namas to provide better matrimonial Nikah services to you. we required your following Documents:

Documents Required For Nikah: Valid online Islamic Legal marriage:

  • ID Cards of Bride and Groom
  • Passport of Both Parties if available in case of foreign marriage/Nikah
  • Cell Numbers of Bride and Groom

These are the only Documents Required For Nikah. Valid online Islamic Legal marriage

Law vision Pvt. Ltd.

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Attestation of Documents

NADRA Computerised Nikah registration Certificate. URDU Nikah Nama. and Transltion of Nikah Nama. with Divorced Deed. also Birth Certificate and all other Documents. Attestation Services From Ministry of Foreign Affair, MOFA and Embassy. As a Lawyers we arrange Documents attestation. from NADRA, and Foreign Office. also Translation. Embassy. all the process online Quick and easy. you have only to contact us on our Cell Number +923024077416  Court Marriage Nikah Online is Law vision’s Modern online service, through which we provide Nikah facility to our clients, even if they are at their home. Shadi / Nikah On Phone/Online is just like Ordinary Marriage. It is valid under Shariat and Legal in all respects if it is done through Law vision.

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